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PWS - Memorial Weekend 2014 (Day 3)

More (belated) photos from Memorial Day weekend.

"Fishing" on the boat with his pole.  
Fish lessons.

Boyd's pet for the weekend -  he named it "wheat."

We found this critter in the shrimp pot - a very spiny crab?

Eagle soaring high above the boat.

One of the best meals I've ever had on the boat! Fresh PWS spot shrimp and steaks (either caribou or bear, I can't recall). 

Beautiful evening in a calm cove. See the luxury yacht? 


Boyd - 2 years, 3 months

\ \Forgot to post this last month! I'll have his next update soon. \\

First of all, the weather around here has been out of this world AMAZING! Super sunny, bluebird skies and temperatures in the 60's and even low 70's. People, it's MAY and we're already getting this type of weather! I just hope we haven't used up our allowance of beautiful days.

  • The arrival of summer means the end of classes: montessori school, gymnastics, and music. Boyd has come so far since that first day I dropped him off at school! 95% of the time he was excited to attend school. Since my mom's car has been in the shop for the last month (long story), my sister would pick him up on Fridays while my mom would get him on Wednesday-Thursday. We signed him up for school again in the fall, and we'll also do another class or two after summer ends. 
  • We've got a picky eater on our hands. A couple of tricks we've come up to combat the pickiness is letting him dip things into ketchup or dressing, having him eat the toddler pouches made with organic vegetables and waiting until he's super hungry to eat dinner. Otherwise it's touch and go on whether he'll eat.
  • Attended a huge garage sale in a neighborhood not far from our house. It's the one day a year that this subdivision is allowed to host a sale so almost all of the homeowners participate. We've gotten some awesome deals here and this year was no exception. I found a great wooden dollhouse plus furniture for Boyd, only $20. And a $115 iBert toddler bike seat for $30. My mom snagged a cool chair plus a lawnmower for free! I can't remember what Risha and Gabe made out with but they had some great finds too. D was hunting (he got a grizzly bear - it's so cool!) but Boyd came with us and was a very good boy that day. 
  • Boyd loves Daniel Tiger, Thomas the Train and Bob the Builder on tv. 
  • He's been singing funny little nonsense songs to himself and surprisingly can carry a tune! 
  • Knows the alphabet and his numbers up to 10 by sight - will mostly get them correct if you ask him. Says "a b c b" and "1 2 3...8!"
  • Was on a "happy day!" kick where he said that phrase over and over. 
  • Definitely putting on his own shoes when he wants to go. 
  • We're spending more time outside, which he loves. 
  • Oh, he did the funnies little Elvis dance the other day! Just swinging his hips and swaying back and forth. 

I told him to put on socks. Should have specified where, I suppose? 


PWS - Memorial Weekend 2014 (Day 2)

Night 1 was pretty difficult. Between out kid's inability to fall asleep (the boat! the ocean! the excitement!) - then our having to pull anchor and move in the middle of the night (twice) because of rough water - and THEN Boyd's early morning freakout - it made for very little sleep for everyone.

Saturday was bear bait day. After a very late start (thank you, screaming toddler), D trolled and fished for a couple hours. Then we stopped at bear bait station 1 to prep it for hunting.

Row, row, row your boat. 

Somebody swamped his boots and had to change out the whole bottom portion of his outfit. 

On our way to bear bait station 2!

Banana leaf, banana leaf!

Picked 2 gallon bags full of fiddle ferns for my mom, plus we brought her some fresh seaweed and some PWS shrimp. A fair trade for watching our cat for the weekend!

We had a lesson on tide pools - can you see the little fish in the center? 

Nature, the best playground for kids! He could have spent hours here. 

A huge rock slab that for lounging. 

He was great about entertaining himself on the boat. 
We pulled the shrimp pots on Saturday evening and then reset them in another area due to a disappointing catch. I was actually relieved that we moved them into Cochrane Bay - much calmer there with less boat traffic. After we initially set our pots on Friday night near Culross, at least 2 boats came and set next to us. It was ridiculous! We were certain that our lines would get tangled with others but we got lucky.


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